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Leading Swiss financial publication Finanz und Wirtschaft covers Instimatch Global as Winner of the Swiss FinTech Awards


English translation of German original in Finanz und Wirtschaft follows:


The winners of the Swiss FinTech Awards

The startups Legartis and Instimatch Global are recognized as the best Swiss fintech solutions. The F10 incubator is the influencer of the year.

The Swiss FinTech Awards have been presented for the fifth time. In the Early Stage category, for fintech companies whose products are still in development, Legartis prevailed against Aidonic. This award has a prize of CHF 30,000. Instimatch Global won ahead of Securosys in the Growth Stage category, for companies that are already growing on the market.

In the third category, Fintech Influencer of the Year, for a person or an institution that has had a positive impact on the fintech scene in the past year, the Fintech Incubator F10 won the award. The awards were presented by a jury of investors, companies, researchers, finance and fintech experts. The Awards were organised by the Finanz und Wirtschaft Forum.


Better transparency for short term liquidity

Instimatch Global is a leading platform for money market products. Its goal is to allow short-term liquidity to circulate more efficiently between institutional debtors and creditors.

“The beauty of our tool is not only the transparency, but the large number of counterparties, with whom most treasurers have never interacted before,” says Daniel Sandmeier, CEO of Instimatch Global.

The platform, founded by Hugh Macmillen, brings together in a network treasury departments responsible for liquidity management – across industries, currencies and national borders. So far, according to Sandmeier, it has broked a volume in the single-digit billion range. The growth has been strong. This can also be seen from the fact that Instimatch is already active in 15 countries with around 100 institutional customers. In 2018, there were only twenty customers in Switzerland. The startup is currently expanding in the Middle East, with Hong Kong and Singapore to follow.


Technology and innovation in first place

On the technology side, the company is forging partnerships with treasury management systems “that allow us to expand our business even faster,” says Sandmeier. The turmoil surrounding the drastic measures to contain the coronavirus pandemic has certainly led to a slowdown in activity on the platform. But Sandmeier is convinced that the need for short-term liquidity will rise again after a phase of uncertainty, and Instimatch will perform its important role as an intermediary here.

The judges said: “The platform significantly increases transparency and the number of counterparties available for treasurers. It thus offers decisive innovation in an important part of corporate financing, which is still based on mostly very old-fashioned or inefficient processes, such as telephone calls, emails and chat conversations. With its offering, Instimatch is on an impressive global course of expansion and growth.”

The winners of the Swiss Fintech Awards 2020


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